Who Am I?

I'm good today. I want to be better tomorrow

Posted by Mitchell Eccles on May 15, 2018

I have a growth mindset. I’m often evaluating what I am doing, where am I going and ultimately asking, am I happy? The answer is frequently “yes!”. Followed by, “great how can I be happier?”. That follow up question shouldn’t be mistaken as greed, and I certainly enjoy being happy. However, I want to grow. I’m good today, and want to be better tomorrow.

That’s why I’m starting my blog. I want to create more. I want to get better at sharing my knowledge. I want to get better at expressing ideas. My content will evolve over time. My ideas will change. And no doubt, we’ll all learn something.

You’ll mostly find my musings on machine learning, data, ethics and the things that fascinate me; like space, robots and nature.

I’m always happy to connect and chat, so feel free to get in touch.